One to Watch For: Cheyenne Aoki

CHEYENNE AOKI is a 20 year old model and DJ who's main goal in her work is to correlate intelligence with visual aesthetics and she does so by studying what the audience appreciates. In her music, she strives to create a sound that will resonate and uplift her audience. In her modeling, she advocates healthy living. As this year comes to a close, Cheyenne is gearing up for a tour with a girl group and is cultivating a platform in which she can share her tips on maintaining a balanced life while bridging the gap between beauty and wisdom through her art. Read an interview with Editor, Angela Butkus on her philosophies pertaining to modeling, music and hustling hard. 

Tell me a little about yourself, what made you get into modeling?

I’ve always been a creative individual who's had a deep appreciation for art in all forms. I dabbled in photography, sculpting and painting,  [but what got me into modeling was] that I was always intrigued by the human anatomy.  Our form causes us to look for answers on who brought us here and where we came from, so I find beauty in the [photography] of people. I personally just feel like there's so much to learn [from the photograph].

What about your work as a DJ? Is there a way in which your fuse your two art forms together?

 I feel that when I can come into a room and orchestrate the vibe going on, it's like painting a beautiful picture— one that leaves a lasting impression on the people inside of that room. I admire the endless amount of information that there is to learn about the production of music. Between getting my photos taken for a photo shoot and putting together a mix for a party, I feel like they both can have similarities within the creative process. I [try to highlight] all the hard work that I put into my body [as well as] the hard work that I put into a mix.  

How do you define beauty and what do you think it's correlation to wisdom is?

I feel like beauty is symmetry. Equilibrium. Peace. I find that it is not as easy as you think it is in reaching [a] consistent balance. That's where it correlates to wisdom, after a while of living a consistent and balanced lifestyle, you learn a lot of what works, what doesn't. You find yourself with files of information in your brain on all types of subjects, and that's the wisdom you gained from the trials and tribulations you overcame.

What do you think is the key factor to staying motivated and inspired?

Being a young girl living on my own in New York City is enough on its own. I also keep a core of good people around me who keep me inspired— both men and women who are there to uplift and get uplifted. We all are going through something we all have a story and our goals. People need to realize that getting side tracked and procrastinating is fun when you're young but you really have to be on it as an adult and having the right people around helps.

If you could give one piece of wisdom to a fellow artist, what would it be?  

To never ever feel bad about being yourself. You're beautiful just how you are!