K. Celestine's Sacred Geometry

You have such an impressive portfolio. Where did you first get interested in geometrical shapes?

Thank you!  I first became interested in geometric shapes during the summer of 2012.  Sacred geometry became a strong interest of mine during that time and I began sketching out and experimenting with different forms and patterns.

Many of your pieces have attention-grabbing titles such as “Fractals of Love and Fear” and “The Ticking Infinite Instant”.   What is the relationship between the titles and your art pieces?

The work I create carries such deeper meanings on a personal level.  For me it is not just artistic expression but a spiritual practice.  Once I finish a piece of work I usually stare into it intensely.  I search within myself, listen to my intuition and receive words or phrases that express what the piece represents to me.  So each title is essential and deliberately chosen for each piece.

Based off of your Instagram and Tumblr, some of your art is beautifully framed? How important is the framing process in regards to your creations? 

The framing process is very important.  I deliberately look for frames that compliment the aesthetic of my work.  Usually I’ll choose wooden frames because the look and feel adds to the tone of the work which is very important.

How would you describe the relationship between philosophy, beauty  and spirituality? 

They are all connected, interlinked in multiple ways.  If one meditates deeply on this I believe they will see that one always leads to the other and vise versa.  In my opinion these are subjects or ideas that encompass all that is, for they are all that is.  One can see the beauty in something and meditate on the deeper meaning of that thing.  This deeper observation of a thing brings on a philosophy, a way of thinking.  But when one can go further, observing themselves observing a thing, this is close to the truly undefinable.  What we could call spirituality. 

Would you say that there is ever a time when you don’t create? If so, how do you find other ways to express your creativity?

There is never a time when human beings do not create.  Creation goes beyond the arts.  It is the nature of life itself.  As we live we create our lives, thought to words, emotions to action.   But as far as the arts go I also enjoy expressing myself through poetry.  As I continue with my artwork I am beginning to merge my poetry into my illustrations.  Some of my sketches are early examples of this which I will continue.

Will you be doing any exhibits in the near future for people to see your art in person?

Yes!  To truly experience my work I believe a person needs to see it in person.  All my work is hand drawn with a compass and pencils.  There is more of an impact, an exchange of energy, when a person views my work directly.  I’d like to travel and exhibit my work in multiple places.  I look forward to this happening after finishing more pieces.