EDUARDO SANTOS & the Sediments of Nature

In His Own Words... 

Eduardo Santos.png

     My love for nature originated when I grew up in the north of Brazil, surrounded by the most incredible nature.  I moved to London when I was 18 and have lived in big cities ever since but when I paint I go back to my childhood. [It takes me back to] when my mum had to go to work—she was a school teacher and I would be left with my grandfather, an indigenous Amazonian potter.  There was never money in my family to buy toys so I played with the nature. I discovered [it] with my grandfather – playing with the clay from the edge of the river I would mimic him.  Others may think it was a basic childhood but to me it was so rich, and this is reflected in my painting and even my photography, and where I am as an artist

I don’t approach my art with a real thought process.  It’s a type of alchemy I guess. Traveling to North Africa and Ibiza changedmy approach to my art [because of] the colours— the blue-green of the sea in Ibiza and the pink-terracotta of Morocco… [Just] the way the sun plays with these colours.  Spain and Morocco have the same, magical light.  

My collection, “Sediment of Memory” honoured my heritage and particularly the quarter of me that is Amazonian-Indian whereas, “The Moment” honours Zed Taylor, my friend, fellow artist and greatest inspiration who died recently.  My life changed forever in the moment I was told of his death. I hope to portray [their] beauty with my [paintings] and with my camera.