SAPERE's Gallery | Romance in Minimalism

We have either heard ourselves or someone else growing skeptical of minimal art, asking questions like, How can monochrome be beautiful?, How can color swatches be art in and of themselves? and People actually pay for this!?  But often times, it is in the absence of colors and visual noise that we are able to gain a series of fresh perspectives, if only we stare long enough. 

"Wave"  David Altmedj; 2011

"Wave" David Altmedj; 2011

Just as the artist whose blank slate allows him/her to contemplate a theme, emotion or concept--  we as the viewer face the opportunity to wander what the produced piece merits in both cerebral and visual beauty. We trace the strokes and curves of minimal art, trying to decipher each crevice of the art piece whilst connecting deeper to our own consciousness. Sometimes, a piece of art is just visually pleasing Other times, it'll leave us thinking what it means to be caught in a storm of chaos, passion, or strife. What would we do if caught in a rapturous ocean tide? Would we see it as daunting and dangerous or would we see it as an opportunistic cleansing to start anew? 

Eros & Psyche ; Canova

Eros & Psyche; Canova

Would it compel us to consider just how deeply we love? What would we find if we looked over the lines of our being the way we scan the carvings of a Psyche and Eros statue? Would we find new signifiers shedding light to the intricacies of our character? 

Untitled No. 24 ; Taraneh Ebrahimi

Untitled No. 24; Taraneh Ebrahimi

No matter the answers, we are becoming closer to ourselves and the understanding of others when we stop to see what lies beyond the appearance of something cold, boring or antiquated. After such contemplations, a certain rush of clarity, joy and inspiration suddenly rushes over us, suggesting that what may be perceived as minimal, is actually quite more ornate than anticipated. 

Swatch,  Daniel Lindh

Swatch, Daniel Lindh