Key to the Artist's Night In


As an artist, we sometimes need to set a little house date with ourselves to tap into a deeper layer of our creativity. When we take these few hours to ourselves, we also have a moment to recalibrate our mind, body and soul. Here’s what I do to get reacquainted with my inner artist.

The process always starts after a hot steamy shower where I then apply GM Collin’s Pure Acne Gel and follow it up by giving my self a gua sha facial massage with InstaNatural’s age defying serum to do a little lymphatic drainage. Men, don’t be scared. You can partake in this ritual as well. It feels good, it relaxes you and rids your face and neck of toxins.

I then go to my room, light my Byredo Peyote Poem candle and take a moment to write anything and everything that I want to work on for my brand and look at what elements of the brand could use a little bit vamping in a plan of action journal. I usually assess this once or twice a week just to make sure I’m knocking out my creative goals each week.

Sounds like work, huh? Well, it is. It’s work to sharpen your clarity of what you want to convey to your readers, listeners or viewers while simultaneously making your skillset sharper.

After I’m done writing, I brew some Emperor’s Pu-erh tea that actually helps with digestion issues, and make the switch to watching interviews of my favorite artists. This trick’s return value is two fold because not only am I getting inspired by prolific people, I’m also learning how to sharpen my skillset to get more in-depth answers from the artists I interview.

Once research is done, it’s time to turn on some Jhene Aiko, Nipsey or some chill house music and get to carving out some of the goals I set for myself, one article or poem at a time.

No matter what your field of creativity is— nail art, painting, poetry, art curation. You name it. It’s important to take care of your inner artist. Assess, plan, and reflect. This is where true growth comes from. Consider it artistic pampering for the soul— especially when you combine it with physical self-care— you’re in for one hell of a magical evening.

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