5 Artists You Need to Follow


With thousands of artists on Instagram, we have all picked some favorites to follow, but sometimes we need a little bit a new images to appreciate and to inspire us. Keep reading for SAPERE’s top new artists to follow.


Galit Garzon

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Garzon moved to the U.S. to pursue a degree in visual arts. She has stated that “We humans live in a constant artistic process without noticing it. We live in a time where everything exists, we have lots of gadgets in our hands and we have the freedom to do what we want…”


Katharina Eisenkoeck

is a designer who revels in sculptural simplicity through the use of leather, wood, minerals and mirrors. She approaches her designs through a series of disciplined experimentations to create rare and long-lasting creations for those who are addicted to a new modern chic vibe.


Dain Yoon

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea Yoon had always had the eye for art and aesthetics but it was her sharp observation and fascination with the complexity of human beings that took her art to a higher level. She believes that “The real face reveals itself underneath the hand that hid it, expressing how the first impression of a person does not tell the whole story.” Yoon mixes both makeup art and classic art techniques to transform her face into a surreal work of art.


Eduardo Santos

Santos describes his approach to art as “a type of alchemy. Traveling to North Africa and Ibiza changed my approach to art because of the colours— the blue-green of the sea in Ibiza and the pink-terracotta of Morocco… just the way the sun plays with these colors is magical..”


Marco Reichert

His art analyzes its own presentation and its relationship with developmental theories by using a diverse range of material, imagery and technology as he will sometimes use RCs to paint the patterns in his art. Reichert states that his focus is “mainly on the process and material but painterly aspects and digital glitch become more and more apparent in my visual language.”

ExfoliKate Cleanser

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