Gisou's Claim to Fame


Hair care just got environmental. Fashion blogger, Negin Mirsalehi turned down a $800,000 for a brand-ambassodorhip deal in order to launch er own self-funded brand, Gisou whose products are infused with honey & propolis from her father’s own bee garden in the Netherlands.

It is her passion for family and the love of beauty that helped fuse this hair line into what it is today— a five product luxurious line designed to keep your hair healthy, shiny and protected. 

Mersalehi states that honey contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and acts as a natural humectant which means that it secretes moisture very well and therefore makes the hair oil (signature and staple item of the collection) last much longer and is more effective than others on the market. 

Though products are on the higher end of the cost spectrum, there is bang for your buck in the fact that the hair oil, hair perfume and hair mask products come in larger volumes and will last you the majority of the year and don’t weigh your hair down or dry your hair out. 

Mersalehi’s company grossed over $3 Million in sales this past year alone and is still growing her collection.