Lurelly's Couture Streetwear


Lurelly is quickly becoming an iconic luxury line that seamlessly combines romanticism, couture and modern street style into one cohesive collection of exquisite garments. Founded by Lurell M. in 2012, it was her vision to create luxurious yet affordable pieces for women around the world.

“I  want to create clothes that makes women look and feel like their most beautiful self, I love sourcing  fabrics for each collection to make sure I get the best qualities for each design.”— Lurell M.

Lurelly is composed of bright, romantic, feminine colors and cuts in silk, tulle, and lace that are sourced and made in Los Angeles to make the women wearing the clothing feel empowered, chic and classy.

Many women feel like they do not have the occasion to wear something beautiful and decadent, but Lurelly shows that we don’t need to wait for an occasion to feel beautiful. Women can create those moments for themselves whether that be combining classic pieces from the collection with jeans and a leather jacket or going out in full Lurelly regalia to the Getty Museum. Femininity and beauty can be celebrated anywhere.