Body Positivity | How to Acquire It


In the cultural climate we are currently in, it is so easy for both men and women to look through social media and feel like they aren’t beautiful enough. So many people say, “oh I wish I had her butt or her abs,” but don’t fully understand that those qualities that those women have are carved out of self-love. They took the time to nourish their bodies and their minds to get the results they wanted.

Feeling good about yourself always comes from within. You have to respect yourself enough to take in consideration your beautiful qualities— both internally and externally. You can love that you’re a good friend, sister, wife or mother. You can be proud of the business you’re running and you can be proud that you just got that big role you’ve been practicing for.

All of these will help you love the skin you’re in, but if you want to be physically beautiful, do these steps:

  1. Eat Better — There are so many nutritionists available at your fingertips. But it is important that you find one that knows what they’re doing. Michie Peachie and Rachel Dillion are among the best in the business and can totally steer you in the right direction whether you’re looking to start a vegetarian lifestyle, gain muscle or lean out.

  2. Exercise— Everyone should be working out at least 30-60 minutes a day 4-5 times a week. And take it slow, you don’t have to be lifting crazy amounts of weight right off the bat and you don’t even have to further down the road to get the results you want. BUT— exercise boosts your confidence in yourself while you’re doing the movements and set up a routine for yourself.

  3. Hydration— Make this a ritual. Invest in reusable and sustainable water flasks to take with you throughout your day. Each couple of days, make new lemon-raspberry infused water in a pitcher and have that sit in your fridge as the first thing you grab in the morning. Experts say that we ought to get twelve glasses a day. Most of us have two at the most. That’s gotta change. The more water you drink, the more bloat you’ll get rid of, the better you will feel.

  4. Lotion— Nothing makes you feel sexier than after you get out of the shower and put on a luxurious body lotion. Our favorite is the CHANEL CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE Moisturizing Body Cream