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Skincare 101 | Jennifer De Vivo

Paying attention and caring for your skin is an absolute necessity if you are wanting to feel and look your best from the inside out and nurturing  your skin is an art form that Angela’s facialist and G.M. Collin expert, Jennifer De Vivo has down pat. Jennifer has been working exclusively with G.M. Collin for 13 years because she loves that it’s a dermo-corrective professional skincare line that has an extensive team who are committed to combining nature and science

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Body Positivity | How to Acquire It

In the cultural climate we are currently in, it is so easy for both men and women to look through social media and feel like they aren’t beautiful enough. So many people say, “oh I wish I had her butt or her abs,” but don’t fully understand that those qualities that those women have are carved out of self-love. They took the time to nourish their bodies and their minds to get the results they wanted.

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