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Fashion and poetry are two art forms that are incredibly important to SAPERE and it is because both share a particular romanticism in their seeming contrasting microcosms. However, it is only within the allusion of their vast differences that we are able to find their common interests and concerns. Both Alexander McQueen and Sappho (poet from the 7th Century B.C.E.) shared a visceral connection to the mythic realms hidden beyond the confines of our physical universe. 

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INTERVIEW | From Reality to the Runway with Hauke Krause

If you're a beauty junkie who loves to travel, you've seen his work everywhere. Hauke Krause has worked on editorials for LOFICIEL HOMME ITALY, HARPERS BAZAAR GERMANY, VOGUE ITALIA, IO DONNA ITALY and VOGUE UKRAINE and has worked on several Chanel and YSL fashion shows. All of this was accomplished from a dream Krause had as a boy and decided to chase it. Though Krause stays under the radar, his work speaks volumes. Sweet as can be, here he speaks to Editor, Angela Butkus, about how he masters his crafts and advises us how to keep our manes on point. 

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INTERVIEW | Bianca Hillier : "The Intricacies of Beauty"

Bianca Hillier is by far one of the most sought-out hair colorists in Los Angeles due to her eye for innovation and perfection. Her perfectionist tendencies has landed her the position of being the exclusive colorist for Osbrink Agency and newMARK models. Her dedication to knowledge and practice is what's exactly at the heart of each of her unique formulas that bring out the natural beauty in each of her clients. Bianca graciously took the time to discuss with SAPERE Magazine editor, Angela Butkus, about the journey hair coloring has taken her on and what she has learned along the way.   

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