Kubzansky's Modern-day "Othello"


A Noise Within theatre in Pasadena, CA has recently opened their Spring Season of Plays including Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie, Mary Zimmerman’s Argonautika and Shakespeare’s Othello.

Othello is one of Shakespeare’s most influential plays about family tragedies covering forceful love and the disintegration of a man who has everything by means of betrayal, thwarted ambition and poor decisions.

Directed by Jessica Kubzansky, this production of Othello takes place in modern day Washington D.C. due to the fact that “we are living now in a post-truth country, a twilight zone where alternate facts pass for public policy, fabrication usurps news and vanity supplants values,” and because Othello loves passionately yet ineffectually, we are able to see modern day issues in this ancient story. This is due in part that many people in today’s society push their personal agendas due to fear, pride, and personal gain.

Running about 3 hours long, this play will be showing several times a week until April 28th.