"The Marathon Continues..."


March 31st, 2019 @ 3:25 PM, I sat down at Mi Piace in Pasadena, CA to meet with my ex-husband to see if we were ready to have a healthy friendship. My heart was guarded, his was open but neither was emotionally ready to face the truth that our relationship was over— both romantically and platonically. “I’ll always wish it was you,” I said.

“Yea right,” he retorted as his piercing oceanic eyes darted into mine. It didn’t matter that we both wanted it for our own reasons, we still resented each other for it and still loved each other for the lessons learned.

I walked back to my car with tears streaming down my face because I knew there was no going back. My love— our love was gone and it was time to do the soul work I’d been neglecting for the past six years..


I sat down, opened my phone and saw Cardi B post a photo of Nipsey Hussle stating his death and my spirit froze again. I couldn’t believe it. I witnessed our generations lyrical and motivational mastermind get shot to death outside his store. Shot to death. How? Why? Who? This didn’t make sense.

But the only thing that did make sense is that my pain did not compare to the pain Lauren and Hussle’s family was feeling— and what all of LA felt for weeks after. What’s more— that the brevity of life never became more apparent. We can’t sleep on our laurels. No matter how tiring it is, we must feed what drives us through life. We must nourish our dreams and always, without fail include those whom we love in our dreams and make sure they know how much we love them.


Nipsey’s death was powerful. Though he did rap about materialistic gains, he coupled that by eloquently describing the passion, sweat and setbacks that go into achieving elite success while reminding people that the grind is something to respect as it gives your life meaning beyond the material.

LA feels different. Murals and homages found everywhere, and those inspired by him all seemingly collectively upped the energy and passion poured into what they stand for and what makes them happy. People seem to be chasing their dreams more heavily and are beginning to give back more than they used to.

We haven’t seen anything like it. It’s like new life blew through the city.

So, let the marathon continue— both Nipsey’s and each and every single one of our personal marathons. We only have one life to live. So let’s educate ourselves and protect our passions.

No matter how long it takes, even if you have to go alone for a while— make it happen. Run those laps.

Long Live Nip.