"Taking a Moment to Think" | Sherise Cromwell

There is something about a woman with a loud mind that sits in silence, smiling
— Sherise Cromwell

Most of us may recognize her face as the owner and designer of ThinkReese that debuted in when she was 19 that had everyone from Jenah Yamamoto to Rocky Barnes wearing her swimwear. However, as of lately, she has been going by her formal name, Sherise Cromwell and has been re-branding her business. Still, she is a forceful presence throughout the social media stratosphere without ever being too forthcoming of her personal life, and although she can be labeled as an influencer, she does so in a much stealthier way.

Each photo is taken to highlight not only her physical beauty but also to capture the depth of her soul and her mind. Cromwell is often found capturing photos of her favorite readings and quotes and makes it known that her intellect and wisdom at the forefront of her very being.

On Twitter, Cromwell almost always cites some of her philosophical findings as well as renditions of her favorite quotes. Her following is due to her insatiable ability to capture people’s attention with saying a lot in very little words and she’s an avid believer that no matter what has happened in our lives and no matter where we are currently placed, “If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

In this age of social media obsession, it is easy for women and people in general to lose themselves trying to live up to a certain level of status or image. Overspending and the beginning of drama is easy to do in such platforms which leads some, more often than not, to find themselves asking how to turn things around.

Social media is a great tool to use for inspiration— but the cultivation and specific design of life is found behind the scenes of the squares on the screen. It is found in sitting down with yourself and contemplating what you want, to what extent your skills can take you and by continuously educating yourself through life and through books.

Everyone has been through betrayal, self-destructive behaviors and just feeling like they are worn down. However, when you find a groove that works, you start to notice your internal strength that then extends itself to your career, your style, your art and to the management of your finances.

All of this requires a certain degree of silence, and when you become silent, you can hear all the thoughts and voices of inspiration that you can’t wait to execute in any element of your life. You’re silent, listening, and smiling because you’ve found what is important in life. You forget about everything else that has happened and you keep rising.

That’s inspiration. That is strength, and that is what Sherise Cromwell exudes throughout all of her posts— whether it’s a post subtly advertising a Pretty Little Thing outfit, a portrait, a photo of her current read.