Visiting Bali | Karen Tomczak


by Karen Tomczak

The short time I visited Bali changed my vision as a person and subsequently as an artist. I spent several weeks wandering through the streets of Ubud and Seminyak, observing people and taking photographs. I walked amid endless rice fields, intricate temples, and street markets. Always welcomed by smiling faces. Bali’s authenticity permeated through its manmade and natural beauty, shaping the Balinese culture [by touching] everything and everyone on the island. The expansive ocean, volcanic landscapes and stunning fauna took my breath away.

The observation that moved me the most was how Bali delicately and successfully balanced spiritual meaning with physical beauty. This fascinated and inspired me, as that is something I strive to achieve in my own work as a photographer because I believe that true artistic expression stems from one’s authentic self. In our culture of instant gratification, over sharing and over saturation, I often wonder how one can create something beautiful that still retains depth. My experiences in Bali made me realize that life and the world itself is beautiful art. and it is here for us to enjoy and love. Bali is a place that stays in your bones once you visit, and permeates your mind with the realization that beauty is limitless.

Wrinkle Warrior