Dandelion Days featuring Zhang Jingna

Words By: Angela Butkus

Zhang Jingna has been tugging at SAPERE's heartstrings recently

and it's not just because she's an award-winning fashion and beauty photographer who hails from Beijing and whose work has graced the covers of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and ELLE. We love her because Jingna's photography has the abilities to emit evocative aesthetic nuances that inspire a clarity of vision. This is due to her mastery in both form and content allowing viewers to  feel both poignant and uplifting tones that captures the attention in each of her collections. Her ability to do so has even  awarded her many prestigious commercial clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Lancôme, Mont Blanc, Random House Inc., and Sony. Currently, Jingna's fantastical fine art collection, Motherland Chronicles, is being exhibited at the Carnevale Gallery in Ceasar's Palace, Las Vegas until March 7th in celebration of the Chinese New Year. 
Featured below is a collection of Jingna's fashion photography taken during the SSFW and showcases designs by Dior modeled by Mihn Hang and Kwak Ji Young. This collection stirs the excitement of new beginnings and makes us question what it really means to be beautiful.  

See How Zhang Jingna Inspired
A Fresh Start for Spring 2016

DANDELION DAYS. I first became acquainted with them in a labyrinth of branches shivering in the winter cold. They made me think if aesthetic beauty is really is meant to be striven  for on a daily basis since the flowers that are meant to be there didn't seem to care. Maybe the roots in the soil required a new visual flare to feel akin to since as times change, so does nature and the nature of our being. 
Just as the days floated on while I was looking for a petal, a bud, or even a leaf that I see a reflection within, dandelions began to sprout. Within their funny shape sat hope, but as I plucked it, there was a sense of clarity and sharpness that washed over me. The more I paid attention to it, I could feel the air become more cordial after the brutal cold had left the tree trunks in the wake of a snowstorm and the sun beamed its rays on a new kind of atmospheric beauty. In this newly awakened vision, I was  able to hear whistled tunes of inspiration traveling into my core making me chase through the twists and turns of the labyrinth. It slowly became a floral paradise where strength rekindled passions and spirituality for all who were in its presence. 
ANGELA BUTKUSPhotography, Fashion